Daria Perrone Design was founded on the very simple (yet sometimes radical) idea of “loving the home you’re in” whether that be a rental, a fixer-upper or your dream property. There is nothing more important than feeling like you and letting all of your friends and family knowing exactly who that is. It can be as simple as the right set of accessories or a daring accent wall with a truly lush bit of wallpaper.

Daria Perrone found a passion for design at a young age, something that can almost entirely be blamed on multiple moves with her family in New Jersey and a fondness for HGTV during her high school and college years. With hours upon hours logged scouring favorite design blogs like Apartment Therapy, Young House Love, Emily Henderson, and Hommemaker, she developed a love for design history and an eagerness for DIY.

She focuses primarily on creating warm and inviting interiors, helping create focus for kitchen and bathroom renovations, and exterior curb appeal.

She can found be on Pinterest and Instagram.